Association Management

At Landmark Limited, we pride ourselves on providing the most state of the art services to our clients. With our exceptional staff, team philosophy, and top technology, we build long term relationships with our clientele.

We recognize the complexity and challenges of managing associations large and small, and understand that every community is unique in its own way. At Landmark, we have the knowledge and experience to take care of every need that your community may encounter. Our goal is to preserve the financial integrity of your community, to enhance the appearance and to ensure the standards of the community are maintained and exceed your expectations. It is our job to be knowledgeable and responsive for all our clients, and we take that very seriously. Our hands on approach is paramount to our success in retaining clientele.

We are members of the Community Association (CAI), California Association of Community Managers (CACM) and the Building Industry (BIA). At Landmark, we believe in investing not only in the community, but in the people and families we serve.

Landmark Limited is also one of the only companies to offer an "all inclusive" management contract. All of the day to day to business services are included in the management fee. In these tough economic times, this budgeting tool has proven to be invaluable in helping to maintain the financial health of Associations.

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