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Founded in 1999 by Mel and Terri Hendrickson, Landmark Limited set out with a clear goal: to provide unmatched, service-focused management in the association industry. What began as a modest venture has grown into a leading association management company in our region, with the notable addition of Mr. Sherm Donegan, who joined Landmark as a principal partner. With Mr. Donegan bringing his extensive experience in subdivision consulting to the table, our team is further equipped to excel in our mission.

Driven by an unyielding commitment to perfection, our team consistently embodies our core principles of integrity and dedication. We pride ourselves on being a local, independent organization, free from external corporate ties, which allows us to prioritize the unique needs of our clients. As a result, we have not only gained trust as a reputable name in Northern California but have also earned recognition as leaders in delivering comprehensive management, development, and consulting services. 

Our ongoing dedication to providing high-quality, service-focused solutions has firmly established Landmark Limited as a reliable partner for various projects, including housing, condominiums, master-planned communities, and commercial

developments. Looking ahead, our commitment remains steadfast as we strive to advance our legacy of excellence and make positive impacts on the communities we serve.

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